About Us

Jay is a creative person, easily adaptable, who knows how to find the right balance in a plate. Therefore, the sandwiches and salads he prepares using fresh ingredients of the best quality can satisfy even the most pretentious palate.

Mary is the person who sweetens our day, literally. With over 20 years of experience preparing cakes and home-made sweets, she joined our team with the hope of creating a story for each and every cake. Through that, we hope our clients will associate the story with the amazing taste and share it with as many people as possible.

George is the one who, through photographs and social media, creates a bridge with our clients. He joined the team because he wants to promote all our products in the best possible way and help us grow.

Cornelia is the person who dared to dream, and transform that dream into a real-life story which , she hopes, with your help can become bigger and bigger with each passing day.