Welcome to Papp's Cafe

PAPP’S CAFE is a gourmet cafe in Coventry, UK, where the customers will be welcomed by irresistible aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans, a variety of delicacies, fine wine&spirits, chocolate and sweets, homemade cakes, breakfast, sandwiches and salads made with high quality, fresh ingredients, carefully selected every morning.

We, at Papp’s Cafe, will offer a different kind of experience to coffee and sweets lovers, hence the reason why most of our products can make for great gifts as well.

Where to Find Us

75, Moseley Avenue

Our Opening Times

Monday-Thursday 09:00-20:00//Friday-Saturday 09:00-22:00

Call Us

Call: 07458 304052
08:00 to 22:00


Call: 07458 304052 to order by phone