Trail Mix Crackers


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Trail Mix Crackers from Tropical Fields Snacks

  • Oven Baked
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • 60 Calories per 1-Pack
  • Contains 20 individual packs
  • 232g



Tropical Fields Snacks Crispy Trail Mix Crackers

Tropical Fields Snacks Crispy Trail Mix Crackers are made with mung beans, cashew nuts, raisins, sesame, and pumpkin seeds. A crispy, delicious and indulgent snack. Delicious, crispy baked trail mix crackers – all the goodness of trail mix in an easy and delicious crispy snack.

These crackers are topped with sesame seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, mung beans, and sweet little raisins to satisfy your cravings. These perfectly portioned, individually wrapped 60-calorie packs are perfect for hiking, picnics or just a treat in the office!

Our Mix Crackers are baked not fried with 20 perfectly portioned bags inside, Topped with sesame seeds, cashew, pumpkin seeds and mung beans. A cracker that’s yummy on the tongue. Plus there are sweet little raisins to satisfy your cravings.


Trail mix(mung beans 17%), Cashew nuts(13%), sesame seeds(12%), raisins(11%), pumpkin seeds(4%), wheat flour, sugar, rice bran oil, glucose syrup, rice bran oil shortening, cheese powder(milk), milk powder, baking powder: ammonium bicarbonate, salt, colour: carotene, emulsifier: soy, lecithin

Allergy Information: See the ‘Product Details’ photo for further information.


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